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A proofreader checks for quality before publishing.

In the case of a book or other printed work, this would occur before mass production. In the case of web content, this occurs before publishing to your website. The proofreader will correct awkward word and page breaks and ensures that the original copy matches the “proof” to be printed or published. They may perform light editing, such as checking for spelling and grammar inconsistencies, but they will not thoroughly examine the document for these errors.


Copyediting is the process of checking for mistakes, inconsistencies, and repetition. The copyeditor will partner with you to make sure your work is of the highest possible quality.

Copyediting is a meticulous process that requires attention to details as well as a solid understanding of the big picture.

Copyeditors will:

  • Check for and correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • Check for consistency in spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, etc.
  • Check for story consistency.
  • Check for factual errors, including such things as names and dates in non-fiction works.
  • Check for overall continuity

Copyediting should be performed after all other edits have been completed. This way, the copyeditor is focused on content that is not likely to be deleted or rearranged.

Books or larger projects

For books or larger projects, we will always start small, perhaps with only one chapter or a few pages. This way, the copyeditor will get to know your style and you can provide them with feedback to improve the partnership. Once you are satisfied that the copyeditor understands your needs and is providing value, we can move into the additional content.